Gold Buyers

Gold Buyers

Gold is the popular high priced metal largely used in ornaments, coins, bars, and billions. These ornaments have a big role to play in traditional functions in India especially wedding which also reflects status. Moreover, other forms including ornaments are bought for the purpose of getting good returns in the future on sale.

Because of its nature and function, this precious white metal gives a better reason to use it as jewelry than other earthy elements. If you are not sure about your sell, then visit us at for more information and also read our testimonial to built your trust in us.

Where To Sell Old Jewelry

When you are looking to get ready cash to sell gold, just connect to us. At Cashfor gold & silverlinks, we are here to pay you on the spot when you sell your gold for cash with us. Cash here meant by providing instant liquid funds. The payment can be made in the form of cash, cheque, online transfer, etc. depending upon your own desired option. We assure you to pay best premier rates along with providing liquidity at the same moment. We are considered as the most leading brand to sell jewelry for cash at best rates in Delhi NCR where we have more than 20 stores are present to deal with.

Find The Best Gold Buyer

When it comes to finding the best gold buyer in the industry, we are here to let you know certain important features about us. These highlighting features are:

  • NO HIDDEN COST INVOLVED: We deal with highly maintaining transparency in our entire transaction. Everything is done completely free of charge and are with the full consent of the customer. We hope not to be overboard with our procedure, therefore we keep it simple and easy. There is no any type of hidden cost associated in the whole procedure. Also, we do not charge any additional cost or make any deductions on the name of refining, making charges, etc.
  • PREMIER RATES: Not that we only offer full value but we also offer price which is 15% more than the current market rate. So do not miss this amazing opportunity. Visit us now and get the chance to earn from your old jewelry.
  • INSTANT PAYMENT: You will be provided ready cash when you deal with us.
  • RELEVANT GUIDANCE: Necessary guidance is available from our experts if required. Moreover, we will guide you and inform you about the market price whenever you need to know as well as we will cover all your queries as we are available 24x7 to answer your questions.
  • EASY RETURNS: We undertake an assessment of your item using certified XRF technique. In case you do not accept our quote, take returns of your item back in the form as it was. No charges will be taken.
  • FREE HOME PICK UP FACILITY: If you are living within 45km radius of our evaluation center, take benefit of this amazing facility as we will provide a free pick up service by our most trusted team to our evaluation center.

Home Pickup Available